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Azerbaijan downed Armenian military helicopter

Downed Armenian military helicopter in AgdamToday, 12.11.2014 at 13:45 Armenian armed forces helicopter Mi-24, performing combat maneuvers over the Azerbaijani positions, attempted to open fire at the positions of the Azerbaijani armed forces after coming into combat course at 1,700 meters northeast from Kangarli village of Aghdam region, states Azerbaijani Defense Ministry. Azerbaijani troops returned fire and brought down the helicopter.

During recent exercises of Armenian Armed Forces, Armenian military aircrafts for three days have flown provocatively close to the trenches. The intsindent, however, was caused by the fact that the helicopter performed combat maneuvers on Azerbaijani positions, and came down on a combat course and attempted to fire on the Azerbaijani troops.

Remains of the downed helicopter fell on an area situated 500 meters behind the front-line.

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